Matteo Shafer Legacy Award

One way we have tried to keep the memory of Matteo alive is by implementing The Matteo Shafer Legacy Award.  The award goes to a student who has demonstrated by their words and actions that they possess the qualities and characteristics embodied by Matteo.  This recipient must be enthusiastic and respectful of school policies, someone who performs acts of kindness, maintains a friendly rapport with peers and faculty, and is an overall positive role model. This student volunteers time and services to members of the community. Overall, the student must demonstrate a Christ-like love in their day-to-day actions and interactions.    



2018 Recipient

Paulina Paniagua was the 2018 recipient.  Paulina was chosen by school faculty for being an outstanding role model who maintained a positive attitude and demonstrated kindness in her day to day activities.

2017 Recipient

Angelina Borelli was the 2017 recipient of this reward.  She demonstrated all of the requirements and was chosen not only by school faculty, but by our family, for the special place that she had in Matteo's life.  Her kindness, love and compassion were evident in every interaction that she had with him.